Cam Newton

Cam Newton Claims A $250K Investment In UFC Netted Him More Than $1M

In 2016, the former Carolina Panther invested in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and made four times his investment

Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton hasn’t played in the league since 2021, when he played for the Carolina Panthers, yet he is still making money due to great investments. On a recent episode of “Assets Over Liabilities,” Newton explains that he invested in a sports league that brought him back four times what he initially invested after realizing that his football money wouldn’t carry him forever.

According to AfroTech, the athlete had an epiphany that led him to make wise investments outside of what he earned on the playing field.

“Football’s contracts was always gonna be what it was, but when you talk about everything outside of football, or even investing, sort of to speak, these are the things that I was really trying to find out,” Newton said. “Like, is this a good deal versus is this a bad deal?”

“And that led me to understanding like, ‘Yo, I got a business mind. How can I start hiring people to take my vision and execute it?’ And I wanted to put language in place that they are protected as well as my business is protected.”

He then says that he invested in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2016. After putting in $250,000, he made over $1 million from the then-fledging league.

“Full transparency, I put as much as I possibly could in there,” he said. “They capped me at a quarter mil’…I tried to invest more, and then, a couple of years ago, I get an email and it’s like, ‘UFC has just been bought out. We’re gonna cash you out for it.’”

With that email, without doing much and just watching the money grow, he did well for himself.

Although he was with the New England Patriots in 2020, after playing for the Panthers, he was cut by the team. He hasn’t played since then but hasn’t retired either and still sees himself playing in the league, even in a backup role,e if given the chance.

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